Dr. Anita Nolan

Specialist in Oral Medicine

For an appointment:
Auckland: 094412750
Christchurch: 02108540217
Dunedin: 034640640


The speciality of oral medicine is concerned with the diagnosis and medical management of disorders associated with the mouth, face, salivary glands and jaws, but not conditions that relate directly to teeth. Disorders include abnormalities of the lining of the mouth, white or red patches, lumps and swellings, ulcers, facial pain, dry mouth and salivary gland disorders. Symptoms are often chronic and can represent oral manifestations of more wide spread disease.

After qualifying as a doctor and then as a dentist, I completed my specialist training in oral medicine at the internationally renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London. I am a Fellow of the Faculty of Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and hold a Medical Doctorate and a Masters degree in Medical Law.

An important aspect of my work is the diagnosis and care of patients with orofacial disease, including oral cancer and pre-cancer, orofacial pain, TMJ, burning mouth, oral lichen planus, salivary disorders and oral mucosal diseases. My specialist research interests include oral lesions in Crohn’s Disease, salivary gland disease and osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ).

I have held national and international roles in specialist education and assessment, in professional regulation and served as a dental advisor to the UK Government. Currently, I am a member of a working group involved in the development of National Head and Neck Cancer Standards in New Zealand.